Business Membership

Build a Culture of Wellbeing

Become a Founding Member of the brand new WellTeamCulture community. Throughout a year of live support, coaching,
and mentorship, we will take your employees from
de-motivated and disconnected to empowered and engaged!

We start with a 90-Day Optimized Workplace Accelerator program. Then we combine that with 
9 months of live support and resources to help you implement your new WellTeamCulture system. The entire program is curated by WellTeamCulture Founder Fran Dean Bishop

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Trusted by 
over 11 Million Employees, 

Global Brands & Government Agencies Worldwide
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The WellTeamCulture Exclusive...

What If You Could Avoid The Common Management Mistakes Most Leaders Make

even if...

  • You’re afraid that you’ll lose your BEST team members because it seems like everyone is just going through the motions.

  • You hired an expensive consultant who sold you branded gifts to use as “rewards” instead of actually giving your employees what they want.
  • You’re worried that you’ll never be able to grow and scale your business because you keep having to re-hire and re-train your team. 

  • You’ve read ALL the books about company culture; but your team remains unproductive and everyone is BURNT OUT.

And…You’ve TRIED to implement new employee engagement initiatives,

but they were met with less-than-enthusiastic responses…
so you don’t know where to start.

No really. We GET it.

You’ve Tried

All. The. Things.
With No Results.

You tried offering financial incentives; like bonuses and commissions, but it didn't sustain long-term motivation.

 Employees only focused on monetary rewards and lacked intrinsic motivation.

You introduced internal rankings among employees, hoping to boost performance.

But instead it created a toxic and stressful work environment.

You attempted to make work more engaging by introducing gamification.

But your employees saw it as trivializing their efforts.

You introduced “Employee of the Month” programs.
But this led to resentment and unhealthy competition.

You launched recognition systems that you thought would be motivating.

But the systems were way too complicated.

You implemented wellness programs.

But they were way too generic.

Envision a Future Where
You Retain Top Talent, 

Employees are Engaged and Inspired,
And Sales are Skyrocketing.

Fran Dean Bishop and WellTeamCulture advisors will help you…

  • Identify the root causes of employee burnout, turnover, and job dissatisfaction issues through our Well Team Culture Assessment
  • Create a company culture that attracts top talent, fosters opportunities for growth, minimizes stress, and promotes a healthy work-life balance for employees
  • Implement programs for team building, stress management, effective communication, wellness program development, leadership training and positive employee engagement
  • Curate a diverse and inclusive environment following operational compliance
  • Empower and inspire employees to reach their full potential, which creates strong teams, better collaboration, and more growth

The WellTeamCulture Exclusive…

Join the WellTeamCulture community as a
Founding Member and nurture a legacy of
wellbeing within your organization.
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WellTeamCulture Certification

          Upon completion of the program, your organization will be
       recognized as having a Certified WellTeamCulture.

Building Cultures of
Wellbeing for 25 Years
with 11 Million (and counting) served. 

Fran Dean Bishop is an award-winning President and CEO for Aerobodies, Inc., a health and wellbeing corporate service provider. A renowned writer, speaker, coach and tech innovator, Fran founded Aerobodies, Inc. in 1997 as a provider of health management and business consulting services to private and public sector organizations.

"I created WellTeamCulture to help leaders just like you build a culture of wellbeing!"

Join as a Founding Member
and get hands-on 
support from our founder, Fran Dean Bishop,
and your WellTeamCulture Advisor. 

When you join WellTeamCulture as a Founding Member, you will be welcomed into our exclusive
 network where you will receive The 90-Day Optimized Workplace Accelerator & Curriculum,
along with access to all wellness resources for the year.

Here’s everything that’s included with your investment!

“Fran and her team took the time to listen to what the VA's purpose 
was for the VARO Wellness Center.
They showed a diligent effort and willingness to assist the VA in better defining the values desired to create that purpose. 
The VA has seen improvement and is eager to continue in 
the direction that Aerobodies has set for our agency.” 

- Bertha Leguizamon Contracting Officer, VA Phoenix, Arizona

The WellTeamCulture Exclusive…

Join the WellTeamCulture community as a Founding

Member to transform company culture and curate a 
motivated team of employees who help you scale
your business. 

“They gave careful attention to our requirements and tailoring to our goals and
 mission of the Agency was outstanding.

- John, Deputy Administrator – Washington DC

We want to help you solve the disconnects…

Between Team Members,
Day-to-Day Operations
and the Big-Picture Vision of the Company.
The coaching, assessment, curriculum, masterminding and community inside WellTeamCulture covers a wide range of areas, including stress management and resilience building.
We’ve made Employee Wellbeing Management from a personal and professional perspective achievable and easy to measure for all 8 dimensions of wellness: emotional, physical, occupational, social, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and financial. 
Plus, we’ll provide the health, safety, and wellness services that will help your company stay HR compliant and meet the needs of an ever-changing diverse workforce.
We’ll help with team-building, leadership development, and training to help you address root causes effectively.

We’d love to help you create a culture that promotes

employee growth, prevents burnout, and ultimately drives
business success through WellTeamCulture.

“Aerobodies provided excellent communication to FINRA throughout the program rollout.
Our employees were excited and experienced great results with Aerobodies’ coaches.”

– Human Resource Manager, FINRA Headquarters

Discover Proven Strategies to Help You…
Build a Culture of Innovation 
that Aligns with Your Values 
and Drives Growth in Your Company.

Here’s what you can expect to learn inside the curriculum:

Imagine a Future

Where it’s Easy to Retain Top Talent,
Team Collaboration is Seamless,
And Company Growth is Inevitable.

Building a culture of wellbeing within your organization is a strategic
journey; there’s not a quick fix. We’ve designed WellTeamCulture to
help you cultivate tangible, sustainable results.

A year within the WellTeamCulture community gives you direct access to the
curriculum, our Founder and CEO Fran Dean Bishop, and your very own
WellTeamCulture Advisor alongside our virtual health and wellness management platform
for your whole team to enjoy! Conquer all 8 dimensions of wellness and
experience world-class fitness training, health education, nutrition coaching,
mindfulness practices, stress management, sleep optimization, and so much more!

“Aerobodies has an outstanding team of fitness professionals working here at the NGA. They go beyond measure to accommodate a demanding workforce of Army and Navy personnel and deliver outstanding services.”

– Senior Officer National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

PM/COR Springfield, Virginia

Build a Culture 
of Wellbeing

Become a Founding Member of
the brand new WellTeamCulture
community, a 3-month accelerator
followed by 9 months of support, coaching,
and mentorship to help
you take your employees from
de-motivated and disconnected to
empowered and engaged.

Here’s a recap of everything you get when
 you join WellTeamCulture as a founding member:


“The feedback from the staff was glowing. You could see the growth and
understanding taking place and feel the team building happening through practical
application scenarios. We left with a common understanding of consultative service,
personal insights, and an appreciation of program issues. Fran is highly recommended.”

– Deputy Administrator for Management

Founder and CEO, WellTeamCulture Program Creator

Fran Dean-Bishop

Fran Dean Bishop is a management consultant and the award-winning President and CEO for Aerobodies, Inc., a health and wellbeing corporate service provider. She established a 20-year track record as a business leader, publisher, speaker, and technology innovator. Since 1997, Aerobodies has supported over 11 Million employees worldwide as a premier provider of health management and business consulting services to federal agencies as well as private and public sector organizations.
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Marketing and Business Development Manager, WellTeamCulture Program Lead

Courtney Fickes

Courtney Fickes is a Workplace Wellness Professional on Aerobodies executive team managing all content, marketing, business development, and strategic relations. She has over 8 years of management experience in marketing, sales, event curation, program development and business process improvement. Since 2014, Courtney is a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, and Dance Choreographer working with clientele of all ages and fitness levels. With a strong passion for holistic wellness, Courtney serves as a WellTeamCulture Program Lead to help you achieve personal and professional wellbeing.
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Operations Coordinator, WellTeamCulture Concierge

Lena Cornelison

Lena Cornelison is a Client Programs and Operations Coordinator on Aerobodies executive team managing all processes, workflows, systems, business development, and client relations. She has over 3 years of experience in program and project development. With a strong passion for holistic wellness, Lena serves as a WellTeamCulture Concierge to help you successfully implement your new program.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start?

When you say Go! The program is set up to work at your pace based on your schedule, timeframe, and level of urgency. Don't get it TWISTED there are live calls, masterminds, and a whole community waiting to greet you, meet you, and support you. But we know leadership is hard work and requires focused attention. WellTeamCulture is here to assist your team to take your organization to the goals you envision and give YOU your time back. The sooner we get started the quicker we'll reach that goal.

How does it work?

Building a cohesive, high-performing TEAM that is creative, collaborative and gets stuff done without you takes thought, preparation, and flawless execution. We've laid all of that out for you inside the curriculum! We also provide planning and implementation support via 1:1 coaching calls and group mastermind sessions for real time problem-solving with our team of experts.

How do I know if I'm a good fit for the program?

Do you have a Team or Organization of 9 or more employees? Are you experiencing challenges retaining key employees? Are folks feeling burnout? Are you having a hard time getting everyone focused on your vision...making key decisions that create impact and revenue growth...consistent-seamless operational flow? If the answer to one or more of the above is yes then it's time for a reset. It's time for WellTeamCulture!

Who else will be enrolling in WellTeamCulture?

Likeminded CEOs, Leaders, Executives, and other driven decision-making individuals who get it. Folks who know in order to go, grow, and build an amazing team you need individuals who are ready, able and committed to making it happen.

What can I expect from this program?

We want to help you identify the root causes of employees burnout, turnover and job dissatisfaction issues, create a company culture that attracts top talent, fosters opportunities for growth, minimizes stress, and promotes a healthy work-life balance for employees. Plus, we'll help you implement programs for team building, stress management, effective communication, wellness program development, leadership training, and positive employee engagement!

Realistically, how long does it take to implement the practices taught inside WellTeamCulture?

We call it a 90-day Accelerator for a reason. The goal is to reignite the energy, mission, passion, and PERFORMANCE (let's not forget that) of your TEAM! Once we get things kicked into high gear the goal is to keep the momentum going through access to the community and all of the other fantastic features of WellTeamCulture. 

How much time do we get with Fran?

Fran is front and center. She's teaching. She'll host monthly Q&A. She'll hop on masterminds from time to time. Don't worry, Fran is the mastermind behind the program and she's constantly looking over the shoulders of our entire team looking at what's working for our members and adding value constantly. Don't worry you'll probably see hermore that you want to...hint hint

What if I have questions?

We'd love to answer your questions. We've carefully curated the experience to make sure all of your questions about creating a culture of wellbeing after you join us. Have a question about joining the program? Read all the details on this sales page, download your FREE WellTeamCulture Guide or book a call with our team.

What if I want to hire your company 1:1?

Let's talk. We have many enterprise-level customers of 200 or more employees that want a customized implementation of the WellTeamCulture offering. So get in touch with us if that's what you're looking for.