WellTeamCulture Wellness Symposium

5-Part Masterclass Series taught by Workplace Wellness & Resilience Expert, CEO Fran Dean-Bishop
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Swipe to see all of the Masterclasses
included in this series:

Swipe to see all of the Masterclasses
included in this series...

How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business

Learn the 7 pillars of success that helped Fran scale her brand to a global, multi-million dollar business!

How Top Leaders & Organizations are Changing the Game when it comes to Mental Health in 2024

Discover how to lead with empathy, manage stress, create a psychologically safe space,
and support the mental health of your workforce.

The Surprising Secret to
Increasing Revenue in 2024

Revealed: How top CEOs drive profitability and save on operational costs
by providing an exceptional employee experience.

How Organizations Investing in their Culture
are Creating a Win-Win

Uncover the synergy of cultural alignment between leadership values,
wellbeing management, and productivity performance.

Elevating Leadership:
3 Things Innovative Leaders Will Prioritize in 2024

Experience how great leaders show up and the impact they have on their team and business imperatives.

As a bonus, you'll receive an exclusive mini-workbook with each masterclass to supercharge your implementation of newfound insights!

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Founder & CEO

Fran Dean-Bishop

Fran Dean-Bishop is a management consultant and the award-winning President and CEO for Aerobodies, Inc., a health and wellbeing corporate service provider. She established a 20-year track record as a business leader, publisher, speaker, and technology innovator. Since 1997, Aerobodies has supported over 11 Million employees worldwide as a premier provider of health management and business consulting services to federal agencies as well as private and public sector organizations.