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WellTeamCulture + Blaze Small Business Bundle

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Become a Founding Member of the brand new WellTeamCulture community, a 3-month accelerator followed by 9 months of support, coaching and mentorship to help you take your employees from de-motivated and disconnected to empowered and engaged.

Our founder, Fran Bishop has curated the 90-Day Optimized Workplace Accelerator curriculum combined with 9 months of live support and resources to help you implement your new WellTeamCulture system.
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Everything you get:
  • Access to our Founder
  • The Optimized Workplace Curriculum
  • The 90-Day Accelerator
  • Access to your WellTeamCulture Advisor
  • WellTeamCulture Small Business Assessment
  • Live Coaching Calls
  • Live Mastermind Sessions
  • Private CEO Network & Community
  • The ENERZING Wellbeing Dashboard
  • BLAZE Wellness On Demand
  • WellTeamCulture Resource Library
  • Access to Exclusive Live Events & Retreats
Identify the root causes of employee burnout, turnover and job dissatisfaction issues through our WellTeamCulture Assessment
Create a company culture that attracts top talent, fosters opportunities for growth, minimizes stress and promotes a healthy work-life balance for employees
Implement programs for team building, stress management, effective communication, wellness program development, leadership training and positive employee engagement
Curate a diverse and inclusive environment that ensures legal and regulatory compliance
Develop a strong company brand and vision that aligns with your employees an drives financial success
Empower and inspire employees to reach their full potential, which creates strong teams, better collaboration and more growth and profitability for your company.