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Customizable & Comprehensive well-being virtual library
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Experience a comprehensive digital health management solution for all 8 dimensions of wellness from anywhere, at any time! Certified Professionals will guide you through fitness training, nutrition coaching, mental health support, mindfulness practices, stress management, sleep optimization (and more) that will strengthen your team personally and professionally. Through the BLAZE Fitness & Wellbeing Dashboard, Business Leaders can easily measure and track wellbeing experiences for their team. This will help inform business decisions on improving productivity, lowering healthcare costs, and reducing absenteeism. Lead your organization to thrive with a happier, healthier workforce!

A Variety of Fitness Classes

Meet Your Fitness Experts


Courtney Fickes 

Courtney is a Drexel University Alumni based in Philadelphia and has been active in the Health & Fitness Industry since 2014. She is accredited by International Sports Sciences Association as a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, and Dance Choreographer. She has worked with diverse clientele at all fitness levels and ages to reach their health goals. Courtney uses a multi-dimensional training approach to ensure lean muscle growth, increased stamina, and injury prevention. Join Courtney for exciting, power-packed workouts and watch your energy levels ignite during and after class!

Kim Dzurinda

Kim has been a health and wellness enthusiast for many years. She started off receiving a Bachelor or Arts in Fitness Management and Nutrition, and have since obtained her Personal Trainer and Barre certifications. In addition, over the past 8 years she has trained many clients in a gym, home and virtual setting. Kim has also taught Barre, Boot Camp and Core classes both in person and virtually as well. Over the past 2 years, she have worked as a Nutrition Coach whereby creates all types of meal and exercise plans for clients of all ages. 

Amanda Bombay

Amanda is a Registered Dietitian and has been working in the field of clinical nutrition for over 6 years. She holds bachelor's of science degrees from the College of William and Mary and Rutgers University and has training in Intuitive Eating. She believes that all food can be part of a healthy pattern of eating and encourages her clients to find satisfaction in eating while working toward their health goals. 

Matthew Baker

Matthew, born in Kent, England, is an experienced NASM certified personal trainer with over 8 years of experience. He holds a BFA in Musical Theatre from Bird College, London. His fitness journey began in college, where he trained with dancers and explored partner lifts. As an active performer, Matthew understands his body well, which translates into effective client sessions. He specializes in weight training circuits combined with HIIT cardio, focusing on posture, form, and movement comprehension for long-lasting results.